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We do something for fun? ;)


Age: 29
Hair color: Brown
Sign: Capricorn
Hair length: Long hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Sexual preference: Straight
Smoking: Not smoking
Height: 5'62" / 172 cm
Favourite position: Oral
BodyArt: None
Eye color: Green eyes


If I'm momentarily not online, then...

I just live my life. Go shopping, watch television, have fun with friends on a party or something .. well and sometimes have other fun hah

The best party, I ever attended

Was a party of which I just heard what I did. Was really drunk and did not notice. Friends have told me that I have flirted with everyone, even with my boyfriend haha. Then I was broken on a couch and was awake awake

My favorite sport

I like to jog in the morning and in the evening to be fit. I can and also like to swim;)

The best book, I ever read

If only one should I vote then I choose 50 Shades of Gray, the cool descriptions of my life; )

I would love to live in this city

Wish me that i could live with my dream man in the city of love, paris. So spend each evening on a roof or balcony time if it does not rain.

A perfect date would look like this

The fang am in a nice restaurant with my traumman so what to eat, then we will drink red wine on a roof full of bleeding leaves and a blanket for us two under the dark sky full of stars. Every moment so fully enjoy

I would love to do this at some point

I have many things that I still like to do. One of them is still a threesome with two other women, has to find my dreamman

I would take this items with me to a desert island

If I'm alone I just wanted to survive and have fun from time to time. Surviving with someone is easier and gives you more to do, even more so if you are one with me. Wanted to donate time as horny as possible

A dream partner would look like this

He should be a little taller than me, with short black hair, beautiful healthy skin, imme fresh and well dressed. Tollerant with humor and nice to other people :)

The thing I like most on me

When I stand in front of the mirror, I love how my face looks and how my breasts are. Think my po is so good, is hard to see in the back of a mirror;)

My best characteristics

I have a lot of patience and think this is one of my better suggestions. Also think a lot of time on the second person.

My favourite music

I do not have a favorite musician type, I just hear everything that pleases me

My favourite dish

Most of the time I eat healthy food and make my own dishes. Can cook a lot and does not like what finished food

What I like most about sex?

I love it when a strong man takes me from behind like a wild animal and that could fuck me so hard and deep until I scream from relaxation to orgasm. Will be fucked for hours

What do I dislike in sex?

I do not like when I want to use like a groove and has no respect for me. Hate socks on the sex!

What was my hottest experience?

I was in a threesome with two guys with really big cock who had my holes zestort, very relaxed and geffult with your hot cream mm.

What do I wish in sex?

My partner must look good, stronger than me and that could fuck me for hours and several times bring me to orgasm mmm;)

What do I like to try?

Always thought about three and only with women, I'm curious what could happen there; D

My favourite sex position

I have many favorite sex positions but think on the top is doggy if I fuck like a real animal and then still 69: D

My sexual fantasies

As I said earlier curious how cool and what could happen if I am in a threesome with two other women hmm;)

My most exceptional sex experience

Is exactly the same as the answer for the hottest erotic experience: if I have a friend eineldane, who has hypnotized me, fucked and filmed with his cell phone and gezatz me then

My most exiting erotic experience

Have once invited a friend who hypnotized me and showed how fucked me in a video of his cell phone and I did not realize that hah. was really interesting and cool

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