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Age: 22
Hair color: Brown
Sign: Taurus
Hair length: Shoulder length hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Sexual preference: Bisexual
Smoking: Not smoking
Height: 5'63" / 175 cm
Eye color: Green eyes


My hobby:

Cute and sexy

If I'm momentarily not online, then...

I went to dress my new outfit

The best party, I ever attended

party in the club for gay and lesbians

My favorite sport


The best book, I ever read

«Fifty Shades of Grey» EL James

I would love to live in this city


I would love to do this at some point

climb the highest roof in the world

I would take this items with me to a desert island

man and a lot of food

A dream partner would look like this

Michael Schumacher

The thing I like most on me

meet the dawn with a glass of whiskey

My best characteristics

cheerful, dissolute, I have a good imagination and fervent character. I love experiments and risk.

My favourite music

pop music

My favourite dish


What I like most about sex?

I love everything in sex !!!! Oral, experimental, at home, at school, in insta, on the street, in toilets, in clubs, in theaters! Rough and very gentle, fast and slow, with tears and with laughter

What do I dislike in sex?

sex without orgasm

What was my hottest experience?

the guy took out of the refrigerator everything that was there, smeared on me and licked. oh, it was very hot!

What do I wish in sex?

look into the eyes

My favourite sex position


My sexual fantasies

I dream of other thrills while riding. Danger, excitement, surprise, adrenaline - all this you want to experience in reality, but not everyone is ready to take such a risk. Sex at a huge speed, this is my dream.