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  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
  • 💗💚 Sexy Kate 💚💗
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funy chat and great passionate sex turn me on


Age: 34
Hair color: Black
Sign: Cancer
Hair length: Long hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Sexual preference: Straight
Smoking: Smoking
Height: 5'59" / 165 cm
Favourite position: Oral
Eye color: Brown eyes


My hobby:

I like know new people and make us time be great together.

If I'm momentarily not online, then...

write to me, if im arround ill come for you :D

The best party, I ever attended

beach, sun, pina colada

My favorite sport


The best book, I ever read

50 shades of Grey

I would love to live in this city

Monte Carlo

A perfect date would look like this

This is the romantic's fantasy. Your perfect man courts you, seduces you, and makes you feel everything you've ever desired. He treats you in all the ways your partner does not. He pampers you, understands you, and totally worships you. He hangs on every word you say and leaves you breathless with the passion of his kisses and the tightness of his embrace. He drinks in everything about you, down to the finest details, constantly strives to please — successfully —and, naturally, makes all your sexual fantasies come true…without you even asking.

I would love to do this at some point

Perhaps you are a bit of an exhibitionist and like the idea of being watched while you're having sex; maybe you're being forced to have sex in front of other people. Or, you might be the one spying on someone else having sex. Anyone, a stranger or someone you know, can be the subject of this fantasy. Maybe you're peeking through the bedroom blinds, watching your sexy next-door neighbor with his girlfriend, or you're getting hot and heavy against the floor-to-ceiling windows of your luxury hotel room. Or you're masturbating in the car, while you're stuck in midday traffic. You may even be having sex on the conference-room table, and your boss could walk in any second. You would be ashamed — maybe ruined — if anyone ever found out. But that's exactly what makes it so exciting!

I would take this items with me to a desert island

swimsuit, knife, lighter

A dream partner would look like this

carefull, gently, lovely

The thing I like most on me


My best characteristics


My favourite music

old, classic, balads

My favourite dish

ice cream

What I like most about sex?

I love to imagine my lover and feel his emotions and moans, but see him on camera is my mayor pleasure.

What do I dislike in sex?

I hate when my lover leaves me when I have an orgasm or not says good bye.

What was my hottest experience?

A little erotic daydreaming might unlock sexual fantasies you never even knew you had. And the more you think about sex — well, the more you think about sex! The power of sexual thinking keeps you connected to your sensuality and makes it easier to turn on once you're with your partner.

What do I wish in sex?

If you find yourself going through the week without a sexual thought, make a conscious decision to change that! Try thinking about sex for ten minutes each day. Fantasize. Imagine yourself having sex tonight with your partner, or entertain naughty thoughts about the guy who brings you your mail (it's just a fantasy — your partner doesn't have to know!) or anyone in your daily life who turns you on.

What do I like to try?

We are sexual creatures, though it can be easy to forget that with all the stresses of our everyday lives. An important part of living a balanced and healthy life, however, is being in touch with our inner desires. Acknowledging and satisfying our sexual needs boosts endorphin levels, which lowers stress and heightens feelings of contentment, relaxation, and happiness.

My favourite sex position

i love all about sex

My sexual fantasies

you can ask me in private about my fantesies. i will love to share with you.

My most exceptional sex experience

we can talk about that in my private if you are intersted. i will love share with you. ;)

My most exiting erotic experience

i wil love to share with you in my private.

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